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French courses at the Mairie de Montrouge


Montrouge is a city next to Paris. Here are the comments sent by Emmanouil.

– What courses are offered for what levels ?
There are 3 levels. Niveau 1 (introductory), 2 (intermediate), 3 (advanced). There is also an Alphabetisation level but this is for people that do not know the latin alphabet.

– Number of persons per group ?
I think that the maximum number of people that can be in a group is around 25-30. However, because most people work and/or have families usually there are around 10-15 people in class.

– How many times a week, at what time and for how many hours ?
Last semester the classes were twice per week, for two hours per class. The classes started at 18:30. This information is for Niveau 1 (Mondays and Thursdays) & 2 (Tuesdays and Fridays) – I do not remember the schedule for Niveau 3.
For this semester, I have not asked yet.

– One semester or two ?
Two semesters. Autumn classes start in late September – early October; spring classes in late January – early February. Summer, and other school holidays apply.

– In which place ?
At École Elémentaire Raymond Queneau (57 Avenue Henri Ginoux – Montrouge)

– Who can apply for these courses ?
For Niveau 1, anyone who knows the latin alphabet. For 2 and 3 whoever has completed the previous class OR pass the evaluation test before classes start OR proof he is capable (usually by consulting the tutor before class)

– When and how do you register ?
For the 2014 autumn semester, the registrations opened at 29th of September. Before registering it is recommended to meet the tutor and enquire about available spots (might provide a registration ticket). The registrations take place at Montrouge City Hall (Mairie de Montrouge).

– How much does it cost ?
The price per semester is: 34.5e for residents of Montrouge or Chatillon (proof of residence required during registration), 86.0e for the rest.

– Is there a Website to look at for these informations ?
Montrouge Adult Courses: http://www.ville-montrouge.fr/121-cours-d-adultes.htm

– What is your opinion about these courses ?
I followed the spring semester Niveau 1 class of 2014.
In general:
The class focuses on vocabulary, conversation, reading, listening and talking. Grammar and writing are taught and practiced but not to the same extent.
– The class pace is comfortable, so it is not hard to follow (even after a full day of work)
– Casual conversation in French is encouraged
– There is a chance to practice aspects you are personally interested in
– It is focused on everyday vocabulary, so you can learn the basics quickly
– Comparing with a previous class I had, this one covers more aspects of French language (it is the full curriculum of A1+ level)
– Speaking in English during class is strongly not recommended by the tutor. This can cause some issues, since it is hard for someone that does not speak the language, to clearly express questions (e.g. for grammar) in French.
– Even though the curriculum is satisfying, the classes move slow. This is not bad in my opinion, but it is not recommended for someone that needs intensive French courses.


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