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Help with raising families in France


Here are two associations in Paris which help expat families from around the world navigate their transition to France. Click on the association titles to view their websites.

Bloom Where You’re Planted is a full-day orientation seminar designed to help you make the most of your new life in Paris. Created for English-speaking expats from around the world, this seminar provides valuable insights that will enable you and your family to grow and thrive, as well as opportunities for meaningful connections with your new community in the City of Light.

The day will feature keynote speakers and focused seminars offering inspiration and information on topics such as acclimating to the culture, finding the perfect home, navigating the education and healthcare systems, creating a successful business, cooking like the French, and more! They also provide a huge “Bloom Where You’re Planted” guidebook.


Message, Paris is a huge association of expat families in Paris. It was voted the best association and best support group association in 2018. They are mothers and fathers raising children of all ages. They are diverse – their members come from over 60 countries and while they all speak English, they also speak over 20 other languages. There’s something for everyone in Message! They have an long list of support-groups to help families with their transition including navigating having children, finding the right pediatrician, hospitals, childcare, play-dates, social events for busy parents, and a bi-annual Bring and Buy sale where you can meet fellow parents and save on childrens’ clothing and other items. They’re also on Facebook. Their Message guidebook to parenting in Paris is a must-have! It’s sent to all new members of the association (about 40 euros a year).


Here are some other useful links:

Quelques liens utiles si vous avez des enfants : crèches, écoles etc. : service public.fr, paris.fr

About childcare, schools etc. : Expatica


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